We are always looking for new contributors. If you wish to write articles for Zeroth Position, this guide will tell you most of the knowledge you will need to craft successful submissions. Any further questions should be sent via email to

Bibliography: Cite your sources and link to quotes or websites that you reference. Libertarian philosophy rejects the idea of intellectual property, but passing off another person’s work as your own is degenerate behavior that does not belong here. The AP style book is the preferred guide for your bibliographies, but you may use other standards if you work and write in a field that uses a different standard.

Compensation: As Robert Benchley said, “The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.” We do our best to avoid the latter around here. If you contribute, you get a piece of the action equivalent to your contribution. Method of payment will be negotiated with each contributor.

Example: Suppose the monthly revenue for the site is $400. A wrote 5 articles that month, B wrote 2 articles, and C wrote 1 article. A will get $125, B will get $50, C will get $25, and the remaining $200 will be used to finance the operation and promotion of the site. Payments will be made quarterly, in January, April, July, and October. All amounts under $1 will be kept until the next payment cycle.

The only exception is for revenue earned through Steemit. All proceeds there will be used to further the Zeroth Position account on Steemit by converting everything to Steem Power. This will help us gain more revenue and build an emergency fund as time goes on.

Editorial Inquiries: Editorial inquiries can be sent via email to Responses are not guaranteed.

Names: Pseudonyms are understandable, although real names are preferred. Noms de plumes should generally be a plausible name for a person, but will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

New/Irregular Contributors: If submitting for the first time or as an irregular contributor (less than two articles per quarter on average), email submissions to When sending submissions, style your subject line: “Submission: Your Article Title.” Your article file format should either be Microsoft Word (.doc) or OpenOffice (.odt). Use Times New Roman, font size 12, and default margins. Your work should have a minimal amount of spelling and grammatical errors.

If submitting for the first time, please include with your submission a brief biographical statement, your contact information, and your relevant experience and publications.

Political Philosophy: Zeroth Position is a libertarian reactionary publication. We do not favor initiation of the use of force, but if real-world circumstances make this unavoidable, we seek to steer the results in a direction that will make non-aggression more likely in future. We promote traditional values on social issues and decry both the political leftism and cultural degeneracy that has taken over mainstream libertarian organizations. Anti-libertarian and/or leftist content will not be published here, and such content should only appear if it is being quoted and critiqued.

Posting Elsewhere: Your articles should not appear in their entirety at another location until one year has passed from the date of publishing. If posting elsewhere, use the first part of your article (1/5 to 1/3 of it) and link to the full work here. Use the promotional posts on the Zeroth Position accounts at and Steemit as a guide, or wait for it to appear there and copy/paste from there to other places.

Regular Contributors: Regular contributors (those who write at least two articles per quarter on average) will have accounts and be able to log in to the site in order to submit drafts for final approval and publishing.

Style: Use existing articles on Zeroth Position as a guide. Introduce your topic with either a current event or a short description of the issue. Lay out the logical and/or empirical case you will make, then make it. As for the nature of your arguments, be as sharp as possible without going overboard. Finish with a short conclusion.

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people. Only do the latter two as a means of discussing ideas.

Keep it clean. Remember the advice of Sam Brown, “Do not offend people with style when you can offend them with substance.”

Subject Matter: Whereas the basic principles of libertarianism and reaction are applicable to a wide variety of issues and subjects, Zeroth Position has articles on a wide range of subject matter. If you find a subject in the searchable categories tab, you may write about it. If not, send an inquiry via email to

Word Count: Articles will ideally be 1,000-5,000 words, though exceptions will be made for quality content. Avoid brevity for brevity’s sake and verbosity for verbosity’s sake. An article that is significantly longer than 5,000 words should probably be split into a series of articles. The most successful articles here tend to be 2,000-3,000 words.