Q: Why is your site called the Zeroth Position?
A: This article explains it.

Q: What does your flag mean?
A: Black represents anarchism, yellow/gold represents capitalism, and blue represents technology/transhumanism. Anarcho-capitalism is the goal, and technology will help us get there.

Q: I remember you from Examiner.com. Why did you leave there?
A: This article explains it.

Q: When you rebut other thinkers, how do you decide who to engage and for how long?
A: This article explains it.

Q: Your work is nearly free of foul language, unlike that of most other radical libertarians. Is there any reason for this?
A: This article explains it.

Q: You use the term ‘autism’ in a political rather than a medical sense. What does this mean?
A: This article explains it.

Q: Why do you keep going after Liberty Mutual? What have they ever done to you?
A: They frequently run television ads where I live, and the economic fallacies they promote are supremely annoying. Debunking them here is the least I can do in response to their incessant irritation.

Q: Why do you never write anything satirical?
A1: This article explains it.
A2: Since writing that article, I have tried.

Q: Why do none of your book reviews end with a rating worse than 2/5?
A: Life is too short, and the amount of reading material is too large, to spend time reading an entire book which is that bad. Special circumstances would have to occur for me to make an exception to this policy.